5 Recruitment Marketing Tips to Attract Top Talent

Use organic and paid advertising to boost your reach

As every savvy marketer knows, you can’t just throw your recruitment content against the wall and expect it to stick. You need to get strategic with how you approach social media for employer branding and selection.

Finding the right platform for your needs is key – if you’re hoping to snag some Gen Zs or Millennials, Instagram is the way forward, while LinkedIn’s organic exposure means it’s best suited for introducing open roles to a wide audience.

For maximum impact, integrate both organic content and paid advertising into your recruitment marketing – that way you’ll be sure to reach those talented pros that should be part of your team. If you need further help with recruitment, check out the Stopgap recruitment agency.

Add a Careers page on your website

Want to up your recruitment marketing game? Your website and blog should be at the top of your list — no matter your taste in reading materials, these are great sources for promoting your organisation’s employer branding and helping out with generating leads.

You’ve got a lot of content to get through, so think outside the box! A Careers page is essential; updating it regularly makes sure potential candidates get a good impression of what you’re about and why they should work for you. Plus, don’t forget about getting help from your marketing team – they know how to get people excited. Throw all that together, and voila – you’re well on your way to writing recruitment history (and fame!).

Cultivate subject-matter experts

Looking beyond merely checking out a company’s profile and social pages, it’s becoming common for individuals to follow real people, rather than just an organisation. This trend is key for getting the most out of recruitment marketing since that involves connecting with genuine individuals who may be the perfect addition to your team!

Of course, ensuring you’ve got current, active accounts is essential. But establishing content-generating polymaths from within your ranks will help push your biz further and capture appealing recruiting stuff to draw in qualified A-listers who could be great fits. It boils down to paving the path for leaders in your crew to demonstrate their knowledge and credentials; cultivating them as subject-matter superstars. Bam — now you’re equipped with engaged insiders offering up recruitment insights that’ll make anyone swoon!

Give newsletter marketing a try

Want to attract top talent? Email newsletter marketing is one old trick to add to your arsenal. If you’re looking for the ideal candidates and want them to join your team, staying in contact with these potential hires can be tricky. That’s where newsletters come in – they’re a great way of updating jobseekers on current news and roles while allowing you to get personalised and have a bit of fun too.

From company culture updates to odd quirks, use email newsletters to engage your passive candidates – then get chatting one-on-one about your job offers. This is the perfect way to be informative and friendly, so your candidate has all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Repurpose existing recruitment content

Content marketing can be tricky, especially if you’re short on resources—that’s why it pays to absolutely maximise the content you do produce. A nifty trick? Repurposing existing work, of course!

Let’s say you threw a smashing webinar. Instead of just leaving it as a landfill in cyberspace, take that same content and repurpose it; turn it into short video clips for LinkedIn, quote and link blog content, and even create short videos for your Careers page—the possibilities are essentially endless!

With a little extra effort, repurposing gives your content a helpful revamp and makes sure your recruitment marketing efforts aren’t done in vain.