Tips For Choosing The Right Xmas Gift

Relaxation, giving gifts, and celebrating are what Christmas is all about. However, choosing gifts can be stressful. Giving the wrong gift to someone can be detrimental. Finding the most appropriate toys or choosing the best lingerie as gifts is an art in and of itself.

The good news is we are going to provide you with advice. This advice is based on research. With that said, continue to read on.

Why Do People Give Gifts

Research suggests that there are two goals people should consider when someone gives a gift to another person. The first goal is to make the receiver happy. This means it largely depends on whether or not the recipient gets the gift they wanted.

The second is to make the relationship between the recipient and the giver stronger. This is usually accomplished by giving memorable or thoughtful gifts. It usually involves determining what a person wants as a gift but without directly asking them.

Asking a person is the easiest way to get a gift that they will love. However, there is a downside to directly asking. That downside is the gift may be considered a thoughtless gift.

Social Risk

When buying a gift, there is always a social risk involved with it. This is why people get anxious when shopping for gifts. If you give someone a thoughtless gift, then a whole host of negative things can come from it. On the other hand, a good thoughtful gift can strengthen the bond and connection between the recipient and the giver.

The Thought: How Much Does It Count

Based on research, a lot of people overestimate their ability to figure out what a person will like. In turn, they believe they know what gifts will strengthen their bond. The bottom line is a lot of people overconfident when it comes to thinking about what a recipient will like.

In 2011, a group of people took place in a study. It asked them to think back to a time when they got married or where they attended a wedding. Those who received gifts were asked to rate how appreciative they were of the gifts that were or were not on the registry.

Recipients stated that they strongly preferred items that were on their registry. Givers responded that they thought gifts not on the registry were more thoughtful. However, this appears to not be the case.

Not only that, but many people believe the more expensive the gifts are, the more thoughtful they are, but the truth is recipients appreciate inexpensive gifts just as much as expensive gifts. Convenient gifts are often considered to be the most thoughtful gifts. These items can include a gift certificate to a local restaurant or a discount card at a nearby store.

Giving Cash And The Psychology Behind It

How about giving cash to someone? Sure, the recipient can buy the stuff they want the most. However, cash is not a thoughtful gift because no effort is required on part of the giver.

If you want to give someone money as a gift, then do it in a creative way. For example, give the cash via origami. Alternatively, you can figure out how to personalise giving it to someone. Doing these things shows that you have put thought into it.

Gift cards are a good alternative to cash. Choosing gift cards requires a bit of effort because you don’t want to select just any old gift card. However, there is research that suggests that giving a gift card as a gift is considered to be something that is done as a last resort.

The Best Gift To Get

A practical gift that has been personalised in a way is the best gift of all. A gift card tucked inside a thoughtful card is a good gift to give if you are really struggling. Here’s a tip: make sure the gift card is a flexible gift card, that way the recipient can use it virtually anywhere.