The Benefits Of A Clean Home

Having A Clean Bedroom Improves Sleep

Do you have problems falling and staying asleep? Then you should know that you’re not the only one with this issue.

The National Sleep Foundation did a study that indicated that more than 45% of Americans have sleep issues. This is quite surprising since most people have hectic lifestyles and it should technically make them fall asleep much faster and sleep until the morning. Sadly, this isn’t happening.

Most people have overactive minds with thousands of thoughts every day. This often becomes an issue at night when we tend to think about all the things we didn’t do or need to do.

According to a survey done by the National Sleep Foundation, they found that people who had clean bedrooms with clean bed linens typically slept much easier. So, when you have a clean home, you will also enjoy great sleep.

Boost Your Mental Health With A Clean Home

When your home is filled with clutter, it is undoubtedly difficult to figure out the state of the laundry. Who knows if it is clean or dirty? Also, there is the question of what is underneath all of the clutter such as dirt, pet hair, crumbs, spills, and more.

This is all very stressful and can lead to depression and anxiety. After some time passes, part of your brain becomes clutter-blind while the other part becomes extremely overwhelmed. All of the clutter and mess would make your brain constantly think about what needs to be done to clean and get rid of all the clutter. These causes overwhelm within your brain’s visual cortex which makes it more challenging to process whatever you’re trying to do according to a Princeton University study.

There are many other studies that indicate how clutter negatively impacts mental health. It has been found that a clean and uncluttered space drastically helps improve focus and feelings of calmness. It also reduces anxiety and depression. Do some internet searches on home or office cleaning services near me if you want to get professional help with your cleaning needs.

A Cleaner Home Can Improve Your Food Choices

We have already shown how having a cluttered and dirty space can make you feel unfocused, stressed, and anxious. However, when you feel these emotions, you wouldn’t typically choose the best types of food to eat. This is common among most stressed-out people.

When you realize this, you will also see that when you do have a neat and clean home, you’re more likely to have a healthier lifestyle and eat healthier foods.

This is fully backed by science. The Psychological Science journal did a study in 2010 which indicated that people who were in a clean and neat space usually made much healthier food choices than people who had to work in dirty and cluttered areas. It is certainly not any fun to cook in a messy kitchen. People who had cleaner and more orderly kitchens were significantly more likely to cook healthy food in their homes as opposed to going out to purchase food.

Even though this may not seem like a big problem, it does become an issue over time. Home-made food is typically only around 550 calories per serving whereas a fast food meal is usually around 1,800 calories.

Reduce Seasonal Allergies With A Clean House

If you have allergies, then having a clean home is essential if you want to get relief from your symptoms. This applies to both indoor allergies and seasonal outdoor allergies.

Keep in mind that many outdoor allergens such as mold and pollen are brought inside via your shoes and clothes. When this is combined with the typical dust, dirt, animal hair, dander, etc, they can make you feel quite sick.

So, you should strive to clean your home regularly by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Be sure to thoroughly clean any areas that may have mold such as your bathroom.