Reasons Everyone Needs To Visit London

London is one of the top places to visit. There’s so much to see and do. It’s a city full of unique architecture and art. It’s also a city that is full of food and fashion. You could be touring the British Museum or spending New Year’s Eve in Shoreditch, If you are thinking about making a trip to London, you should go ahead and do it. Here are some of the biggest reasons to check out London.

Reasons To Visit London:

1. British Library

One of the best places to visit when you go to London would be the British Library. The Grade-I British Library is the single largest library in the world. It has more than 150 million items inside of it. Believe it or not, it features items that date back to 2000 B.C. You will find things like original song sheets penned by The Beatles, 15th-century editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and more.

2. Get To Watch Shakespeare

If you are someone that is into the theatre scene, you are going to love London. The theatre scene is extreme in London. You can find excellent theatres in and around the West End. However, if you go a little bit further towards the south, you will be brought to The Globe. This is a theatre you can visit and watch Shakespeare. It’s a reconstructed version of the original Elizabethan playhouse.

3. Sample Some Ales

It’s very easy to go ahead and mock the pub culture in London. The truth is, it’s fantastic when it’s done right. If you enjoy beer, London can be a great place to enjoy it. You can find a lot of variety in London. If you manage to find a good pub in London, you can enjoy some great beer with tasty crisps. If you want to go to the same pub that Shakespeare did, you can check out The Old Blythe Tavern. There’s no limit to the number of pubs you can check out.

4. Check Out The Architecture

London is well known to have a lot of amazing architecture. You can find plenty of architecture that will blow your mind. Whether you check out the Gothic Revival within the capital or Christ Church which is on the opposite end of Spitalfields market, there’s no shortage of things to see in the city. There’s even the old R.L Roumieu’s vinegar warehouse that has since been turned into Black Sheep Coffee’s home base.

Anyone that is looking to check out some Brutalism is going to want to visit the Barbican. You might be able to check out the London Symphony Orchestra or various other exhibitions that are on the docket.

5. Watch Some Sports

You can check out a lot of different sports in and around London. You will find the western part of the city is home to various iconic venues. Pretty much every great tennis player has a dream of playing at Wimbledon. You’ll also find some famous footballers wanting to play at Wembley. If you are a big cricket fan, you likely know about Lord’s. These venues have plenty of years of hosting major sporting events. The majority of them provide the pinnacle experience that the sport offers.

6. Fashion Week

If you are big into fashion, you are likely going to want to check out London’s Fashion Week. London is full of fashionistas. Savile Row is the home of the best tailors in the globe. If you want to purchase some great and unique pieces, this is the place to do it.

7. See Some Incredible Art

London is packed full of different art exhibits that you can visit and check out. There isn’t a city in the world that can rival London when it comes to the museum and art it offers. It’s got so many museums that you can check out and enjoy. You can visit the National Portrait Gallery, The Wallace Collection, and The Natural History Museum, among many others.

As you can tell, London is a city that is not to be missed. It’s a place everyone should have on their bucket list to visit at least once in their life.